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In this work I invite the audience to perceive the concept of the Musrara Mix Festival, Uncertainty, as an opportunity and not as one that arouses fear. I request freedom of expression and plurality from the audience. The visitors are asked to write or to paint on paper any meaning, feeling or thought that they have in the gallery space. In this space I created a large thicket of wires that stretch between the walls of the building. This allows penetration into the work, and an opportunity to reflect, gaze and imagine through the light and shadow games, patches and lines, and the illusion of volume.

The audience is asked to give their texts and drawings to me and I improvise a musical interpretation to the reaction of the visitor through the harp, voice and electronics.

With A Lead my request is to respond to a reality that does not accept the “other”.  Whether it is a refugee who seeks asylum, repeated use of the concept of the “Chosen People" or an attempt to censor and mute any given that can evoke a question and weaken absolute certainty. 


Photos : Shlomo Godlevsky, Uri Bareket, Tohat Lev Yacobson. 

 Here you can see few of the texts and the paintings, that people created as a reflections of the installation


A LEAD at Tel Aviv!

7 - 9 November 2019 Music Spot, as part of Art Festival at Tel Aviv

Details, photos and videos 





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