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Wash Out


by Adaya Godlevsky
A graphic notation composition for harp / harp and electronics

The Album SPACE addresses the constant and fertile reverberations in the spaces, where compositions are performed and incarnate in life. It breathes within the delicate boundaries of the absolute score, and the moment of choice in the musician’s improvisation.

The outlines of composition encourage each player to discover and express himself or herself and use the composition as their own. The score was given to several musicians - Zeena Parkins, Ada Ragimov, Rhodri Davies, Helene Breschand and Lior Ouziel, each recording his or her own interpretation. These different pieces become part of a new whole.

As an album, these different interpretations now are re-integrated into a prism, their integration both intertwined and separate.

Furthermore, you'll find attached to the album interviews with the musicians, regarding the process and the choices they made during the process. The interviews were conducted at the initiative and with the support of Les Signes de l'arc.

*The names of the performers/sound files/interviews appear in the order of the album tracks.

The Full Score

Abstract Background


00:00 / 08:09


00:00 / 08:16


00:00 / 08:03


00:00 / 08:12


00:00 / 08:04
Space by Adaya Godlevsky. A graphic notation composition for harp / harp and electronics
Abstract Background

Interview with

Zeena Parkins

Interview with

Ada Ragimov

Interview with

Rhodri Davies

Interview with

Helene Breschand

Interview with

Lior Ouziel

Composition and Producing:  Adaya Godlevsky

SPACE performed by Zeena Parkins

Harp and Electronics: Zeena Parkins
Recording: Lorenzo Wolff recorded at Studio Renwick, NYC, December 2023

Producing and Mixing: Zeena Parkins

SPACE performed by Ada Ragimov

Harp and Vocal: Ada Ragimov
Text: Quotation from the book “Orlando” by Virginia Woolf
Recording and Mixing: Rafi Eshel at Studio Eshel, Tel Aviv, August 2022

SPACE performed by Rhodri Davies

Harp and Electronics: Rhodri Davies
Recording: Dai Griff, at the studio Dai Griff Productions, Ystradgynlais, August 2023
Mixing: Rafi Eshel at Studio Eshel, Tel Aviv

SPACE performed by Helene Breschand

Harp, Electronics and Vocal: Helene Breschand
Text:  Helene Breschand. Quotation has been taken from a poem by Alireza Roshan "jusqu'à toi combien de poèmes" (“How many poems are up to you”), translated by Tayebeh Hashemi and Jean-Restom Nasser, Editions érès.
Recording and Mixing: Jean Marc Bouchez at Studio de la Beaune, Paris, September 2023

SPACE performed by Lior Ouziel

Harp: Lior Ouziel
Recording and Mixing: Rafi Eshel at Studio Eshel, Tel Aviv, August 2022

Mastering: Rafi Eshel at Studio Eshel, Tel Aviv

Special thanks to: Amichai Shalev, Amir Bolzman, Amnon Wolman, Anat Levin, Dganit Elyakim, Paul Mayfield, Saar Yachin, Sharon Gal, Tsila Hassine, Yaniv Kuris, Ophir Ilzetzki, “Ayelet's String” - Nili Konieczny and Nadav Konieczny. 

Design: Tamara Pratt

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Rabinovitch Foundation Logo

The production of the album SPACE became possible with the assistance of the following organizations:
Les Signes de l’arc, ACUM Fund for the Welfare of the Creator and His Promotion and
Yehoshua Rabinovitch Tel Aviv Foundation for the Arts.

Ⓒ All rights reserved

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